In this Galena Farms Beekeeper Feature, we highlight Beth Conrey, the celebrated beekeeper behind Bee Squared Apiaries. Throughout our conversation Beth unveils her journey from managing two hives to overseeing a thriving apiary of 200 hives and offers invaluable insights into the world of beekeeping, including:

Rapid Expansion Techniques: Discover how Beth exponentially increased her hive count, turning a passion into a prolific beekeeping enterprise.

Spring Readiness: Uncover Beth's strategies for preparing hives for the vital early spring season, ensuring a strong start to the year.

Efficiency Secrets: Learn the secret behind developing efficient bees, a cornerstone of Beth's beekeeping philosophy that emphasizes sustainability and productivity.

Innovative Hive Management: Beth introduces a unique numbering system for splits, simplifying hive management and enhancing beekeeper efficiency.

Overcoming Attrition: Explore the reasons behind the high attrition rates in beekeeping within the first five years and how to navigate these challenges. Club

Membership Advantages: Understand the multifaceted benefits of joining a beekeeping club, from mentorship and education to community and support.