Maintaining a Hive

In nature, wax moths are like a "cleaning crew" for an abandoned hive. Once the colony has left, the wax moths get to work and devour anything left behind. They clear out the cavity and make it ready for the next colony to live in. The problem is that sometimes the clean-up crew arrives early. This article will give you some helpful hints on how to fix and prevent a wax moth infestation.READ MORE

The aftermath of the Varroa Destructor is absolutely devastating. These tiny red parasites plague the honey bee population and can take down a hive in a single year. The worse part about these mites is that you'll never see them unless you intentionally monitor them. In this article, we'll expose these silent killers, teach you how to test for them, and show you how to take back your hive!


When you see SHB, it means it's time to do something about it. If you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. This is why a lot of this fight is fought through prevention. The first half of this article is dedicated to dodging the problem in the first place. The latter half of the article is focused on trapping and killing the SHB that is already in your hive.


Collecting the clues, reading the signs & symptoms, diagnosing the problem, and then trying out different solutions. This little puzzle we got going on - that's where the real gratification's at. But, where do you start? What kind of clues are you even looking for?

Second year beekeeping can bring on a whole new set of challenges than the ones you faced last year. Fluctuating temperatures bring timing issues. When to introduce things to your hive is just a crucial as how you introduce them. Giving spring bees sugar water can be more harmful than good. Feeding them pollen can result in famine. Performing certain Varroa Mite treatments can be ineffective. This article focuses on the what, when and how to get the greatest start to second year beekeeping.READ MORE
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