In this Galena Farms Beekeeper Feature, we sit down with PawPaw from PawPaw Ridge Homestead to explore his incredible journey from teacher to homesteader to social media influencer with over 700,000 followers across all his channels.

PawPaw shares how he started using YouTube to teach his grandsons homesteading skills, hoping that when he is gone, they will be able to hear his voice and learn the techniques his grandmother taught him.

PawPaw also discusses his newest venture into beekeeping and why he chose Hoover Hives for his setup.

Throughout the interview, Paw Paw shares valuable advice on:

Creating Engaging Social Media Content: Tips for building a successful online presence

Starting Homesteading: Insights on how to begin your own homesteading journey

Lessons in Beekeeping: Key takeaways from his experiences with beekeeping