In this Galena Farms Beekeeper Feature episode, we join Cory Kreft from Hidden Hive Honey located in Rocky Ford, Colorado, as he shares his expertise on making delicious mead with leftover homemade honey.

Mead is a delightful honey-based fermented beverage that you can craft from the comfort of your own home and Cory will take you through the entire process step by step.

Key Points of this Episode:

  • Choosing the Right Yeast: Honey can kill your yeast so choosing the right kind to use in your mead is imperative. For successful mead fermentation, Cory suggests Lalvin EC1118, is an important part of the process.
  • Equipment Essentials: All you need equipment-wise to make your own Mead are a 5-gallon bucket or carboy, airlocks, and siphon tubes.
  • Ingredients Needed: All you need ingredients-wise is honey, water, and yeast.
  • Fermentation Insights: Take note this is not a fast process and can take up to 9-months to complete. Cory details out the fermentation stages, time in each stage, and the ideal temperature for fermentation.