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NuBee 10 Frame Starter Beehive Kit - Includes 1 Hive Body & Accessories

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"The Starter Kit" has everything you need but the bees! With the 5 frame option, this beehive is 'Nuc-Ready'. You'll simply insert the 5 frames of bees that you'll receive when you purchase your first Nuc.

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  • Start your beekeeping journey with a durable, aesthetically pleasing beehive featuring dovetail joints.
  • Protective gear including a jacket with veil and gloves ensures safety from bee stings during hive management.
  • Hive tool and smoker are essential for efficient hive inspections and bee management, promoting a calm environment.
  • The beehive includes five frames, ideal for integrating a nucleus colony for immediate colony establishment and growth.
  • Experience the rewards of beekeeping through nurturing a thriving bee colony and enjoying the benefits of their honey production.

Welcome to the fascinating world of beekeeping! Your journey into beekeeping begins with a beautifully crafted beehive adorned with dovetail joints, showcasing both functionality and aesthetics.

The beehive stands as a sanctuary for your buzzing friends, providing them with a secure and comfortable home to thrive in. Each joint, meticulously crafted with precision, ensures the structural integrity of the hive, promising years of dependable service.

Painted with care, the beehive exudes a charming appeal, blending seamlessly into its natural surroundings while also adding a touch of elegance to your apiary. The soothing hues chosen not only enhance the hive's appearance but also contribute to the overall well-being of your colony.

As you approach the hive, you don your essential protective gear, starting with a sturdy jacket featuring a veil. This protective layer shields you from bee stings while allowing you to observe and interact with your colony without fear.

Your hands are encased in durable gloves, offering further protection against the busy inhabitants of the hive. With these gloves, you can handle frames, inspect the hive, and tend to your bees with confidence.

Equipped with a hive tool, you have the means to pry apart the frames, manipulate the hive components, and scrape away excess propolis or wax. This indispensable tool ensures smooth and efficient hive management, making your beekeeping tasks more manageable.

Completing your ensemble is the smoker, a tool essential for calming the bees during inspections. With a gentle puff of smoke, you can soothe your colony, minimizing agitation and facilitating a more relaxed environment for both you and your bees.

With your beehive adorned with dovetail joints and your beekeeping essentials at the ready, you embark on a fulfilling journey into the enchanting world of beekeeping. As you tend to your hive and nurture your colony, you'll discover the profound rewards of stewarding these remarkable creatures while enjoying the sweet fruits of their labor.

When you acquire your beehive, it comes equipped with five frames, each meticulously designed to fit seamlessly within the hive structure. These frames serve as the foundation for your colony's growth and development, providing support for the bees to build their comb, store honey, and raise brood.

One of the advantages of starting with a beehive that includes five frames is its compatibility with a nucleus colony, commonly referred to as a "nuc." A nucleus colony typically consists of a small, established bee colony with a queen, worker bees, and brood, along with a sufficient supply of honey and pollen.

With your five frames already in place within the hive, you can easily introduce the nucleus colony into your hive. The bees will quickly adapt to their new surroundings, utilizing the existing frames to expand their colony and establish a thriving hive.

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NuBee 10 Frame Starter Beehive Kit - Includes 1 Hive Body & Accessories