10 Frame Deep Brood Box w/ Dovetail Joints (Unassembled w/ Frames and Foundations)

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NuBee deep brood boxes are made from Fir wood and have durable dovetail joints that keep your hive sturdy and square. NuBee pairs their boxes with CellTech Frames and Foundations that have been coated in 100% beeswax to ensure your bees quickly develop an even layer of comb.

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  • 10-Frame Langstroth Deep Brood Box: Designed for optimal brood rearing, providing ample space for the queen to lay eggs and nurture a healthy bee colony.
  • Durable Construction: Made from Fir and Pine, featuring precision-cut dovetail joints for a robust, perfectly square structure that ensures longevity.
  • Industry-Standard Compatibility: Adheres to standard dimensions, making it fully interchangeable with other Langstroth hive components, though 10-frame parts are distinct from 8-frame parts.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship at an Honest Price: Combines quality materials and skilled construction with affordability, making it accessible for both novice and experienced beekeepers.
  • Supportive Beekeeping Community: NuBee is dedicated to empowering beekeepers with not just high-quality equipment but also the knowledge and resources for successful colony management.

NuBee's deep brood box represents a cornerstone in the art of beekeeping, meticulously crafted to nurture the heart of your hive. This 10-frame Langstroth deep brood box is designed for beekeepers who demand quality without compromise, providing a spacious environment for the queen to lay her eggs and for the colony to raise its brood.

Constructed from a resilient combination of Fir and Pine, this brood box is not only durable but also visually appealing. It features precision-cut dovetail joints, ensuring a perfectly square and robust structure that stands the test of time. True to NuBee's standards, this brood box adheres to industry-standard dimensions, making its components fully interchangeable with other Langstroth hive parts, albeit with the standard caveat that 10-frame and 8-frame parts are not directly interchangeable.

NuBee goes beyond just supplying beekeeping equipment; they are deeply invested in the success of beekeepers. This deep brood box is a testament to that commitment, blending affordability with exceptional craftsmanship. NuBee also extends its support through educational resources, aimed at empowering beekeepers with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful colony management.

NuBee's deep brood box is more than just a product; it's a gateway to effective and fulfilling beekeeping, designed by a company that places a high value on quality, affordability, and community support. Whether you're setting up a new colony or expanding an existing one, this brood box is designed to support the core activities of your hive, ensuring a healthy and thriving bee population.

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10 Frame Deep Brood Box w/ Dovetail Joints (Unassembled w/ Frames and Foundations)