Oval Bee Escape


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Snaps into the center hole of every Hoover Hives and NuBees inner cover

  • Harmless - Bee brushes used to empty a hive may kill/injure your bees, an Oval Bee Escape won't
  • Rapid Results - Quickly evacuates your bees through a one way exit to leave a medium honey super
  • Easy to Install - Snaps in and out of the inner cover with very little force

Have you ever wondered what the cut out in the middle of the inner cover is used for?

In some hives like Busy Bees 'N' More the cut out is shaped like a circle and is able to accommodate a mason jar filled with sugar syrup to feed your bees.

For other hives like NuBees and Hoover Hives the cut out is shaped like an oval. The oval shape is to accommodate an oval bee escape such as this one.

Bee escapes allow you to harmlessly remove the bees from a honey super that you want to harvest honey from. To do this, you simply snap the oval bee escape into the hole in the center of your inner cover. Then place the inner cover between the medium super(s) you want to harvest and the boxes you want to keep on the hive. Over a few hours the bees will exit the honey supers and will not be able to reenter because the oval bee escape is a one way exit.

To learn more about how to use them head over to our blog: How Do I Use an Oval Bee Escape?

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  • Oval Bee Escape

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